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Updating ports with portsnap

For a high-level program like, say, Firefox, you can. It installs a suite of applications which can be used to manage ports. After building and installing a port, running make clean within the ports skeleton will clean up the temporary work directory. The key is used to verify the integrity of all downloaded files. Make note of any instructions which match any of the ports that need upgrading and follow these instructions when performing the upgrade. X and lower, the following command will list the installed ports that are out of date: Using the Ports Collection assumes a working Internet connection. Other Notes Lots of people try the -a all option with port upgrade tools. These can also be set as environmental variables. This port has installed the following binaries which execute with increased privileges. This is a fast and user-friendly tool for retrieving the Ports Collection and is the recommended choice for most users. To save this extra step, instead use make install clean when compiling the port. The ports system uses fetch 1 to download the source files, which supports various environment variables.

Updating ports with portsnap

Refer to the documentation for the shell for more information. This command can be configured to automatically perform a security audit and an update of the vulnerability database during the daily security system check. Once the installation is complete, the prompt will be returned. If errors are encountered during the upgrade process, add -f to upgrade and rebuild all ports: Users of the tcsh shell should type rehash so that a newly installed command can be used without specifying its full path. It installs a suite of applications which can be used to manage ports. Before compiling any port, be sure to update the Ports Collection as described in the previous section. Another option is to execute make rmconfig which will remove all selected options and allow you to start over. Keeping ported applications up to date on FreeBSD. Messages will indicate the progress: If Portmaster is used to install a port, it will automatically remove this directory unless -K is specified. There are several ways to revisit a port's build options menu in order to add, remove, or change these options after a port has been built. These can also be set as environmental variables. That lets you set all the options first rather than at various points during the build. Before an application can be compiled using a port, the Ports Collection must first be installed. For example, consider the jpeg graphics library. Removing Installed Ports Installed ports can be uninstalled using pkg delete. Or possibly from merely "Annoying" to "Minor Inconvenience". To use this function, specify the location of the port in the Ports Collection: Each set of these files is used to compile and install an individual application on FreeBSD, and is called a port. For example, Firefox depends a bunch of things that depend on the tiff library, which in turn depends on jpeg. To install the port: To upgrade all the outdated ports installed on the system, use portupgrade -a. Use hash -r instead for the sh shell. The detailed description of available make targets and environment variables is available in ports 7. This last set of options tells Portupgrade to abort if no packages are available: To avoid this and do all of the configuration in one batch, run make config-recursive within the port skeleton.

Updating ports with portsnap

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