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Uma thurman dating history

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Thurman received a Buddhist upbringing, and spent altogether around two years in the Indo-Himalayan town of Almora. Arpad Busson, a French-born financier who lives in London, has gone to court to seek more time with their daughter. Thurman at the Tribeca Film Festival In , she starred in several films. However, it won Thurman good notices. But there's something else. It received a limited theatrical release and was dismissed by critics as "a confusing, painfully overwrought melodrama". The Hollywood star is caught up in a vicious real-life courtroom battle with her former husband over the custody of their young daughter. The couple were soon reconciled and in Uma gave birth to their daughter. Early life[ edit ] Thurman was born in Boston , Massachusetts. The film saw her play the female lead and love interest of Timothy Hutton 's character. Her intelligence and poise stand out. Originally, the producers of the film planned to have another singer dub in Thurman's musical numbers, but she was eager to do her own vocals. She's more than a little haunted. The film bombed commercially but garnered generally acclaim from critics. In , she starred opposite Ethan Hawke in Gattaca , a science fiction film set in a future society driven by eugenics where potential children are conceived through genetic manipulation to ensure they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents.

Uma thurman dating history

Hawke directed her in Chelsea Walls, a drama revolving a number of artists as they spend a single day in New York's famed bohemian home Chelsea Hotel. The Washington Post described her acting as shallow, remarking that, "Thurman's strangely passive characterization doesn't go much deeper than drawling and flexing her prosthetic thumbs". It emerged in court that the battle has taken its toll on Ms Thurman, who has recently been taking medications for depression, anxiety and insomnia. The picture had its world premiere at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival , [80] and was released in specialty cinemas, to critical acclaim. Rolling Stone likened Thurman to "an avenging angel out of a s Hollywood melodrama". The comments prompted swift response from Justice Matthew Cooper, who said: Thurman has bent the role to her will. She said that both of them are "two of the only women I've ever seen be truly women [while] holding a weapon". The couple were soon reconciled and in Uma gave birth to their daughter. In the eighth grade she discovered her love for acting. The picture was an arthouse success, and garnered Thurman recognition from critics and audiences; [21] [22] film critic Roger Ebert found her to be "well cast" in her "tricky" key role. Her first film of the year was the crime-comedy Be Cool , the sequel to 's Get Shorty , which reunited her with her Pulp Fiction castmate John Travolta. Thurman at the Tribeca Film Festival In , she starred in several films. Tarantino wrote the part specifically for her. The film was originally intended for a theatrical release in the US, but premiered as a television film for Fox network. In , she was a member of the jury for the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival , [6] and her only film in the year — Ceremony — was released for VOD and selected theaters. Her intelligence and, it has to be said, her innate glamour, make it possible to care about someone you do not believe in". The Lightning Thief , appearing as Medusa , a gorgon cursed by Athena. She has three brothers, Ganden b. Scott of The New York Times who said: The film bombed commercially but garnered generally acclaim from critics. A commercial bomb, the compilation film was also universally panned by critics, with the Chicago Sun-Times calling it "the Citizen Kane of awful". She's more than a little haunted. Uma Thurman in court in a custody battle with her ex-partner Credit: Played by the long-necked Uma Thurman, she's less vixen than ninny — a smooth operator whose maneuvers seem to issue not from shrewdness or intelligence but from a microchip that allows her to robotically spout her lines with careful inflection. It's a blunder of a performance, and makes the viewer wish that [the director] had cast a more accomplished actress — Kate Winslet , perhaps, or Cate Blanchett — who could give dimension to the character and indicate subtext in a way that Thurman can't". In its review, the San Francisco Chronicle remarked, "Thurman so commits herself to the role, eyes blazing and body akimbo, that you start to believe that such a creature could exist—an exquisite-looking woman so spastic and needy that she repulses regular Joes.

Uma thurman dating history

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