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Sexting a married woman

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Of course, the literary justification was absurd. After all, unlike in literature, where the adulterers become objects of scorn, victims of hubris, tragic symbols of human frailty or society's failing, in real life things are far less grand. You owe this to John Updike! She retracted, for the moment, her invitation. Like this woman did, I will pretend not to be aware of my own hypocrisy. Of course, I should have instantly declined. Maybe so, but probably not. We sat there like that for a minute. Maybe they were both alone; maybe just she was. I had some clues: What went through her mind these days, when, approaching 40, she and her husband fought loudly in the kitchen at night, pots and pans clanging, their children in their bedrooms burying their heads in the pillows?

Sexting a married woman

I bought her a drink, and we sat at the bar. Over the course of the night, she and I gravitated towards each other: I had some clues: For a time, then, as I sat in the crowded barroom, excitedly checking and re-checking the strain of her texts until I was positively certain that when she said "no1s home here, we shud chill…" she didn't just want me to come over to eat Nutella and argue about the Kardashians, I began to think of my potential sordid encounter in grandly delusional terms. For some reason, she found this tactic somewhat less than seductive. What would she have thought, at 23, if she could see what in the future lay? You owe this to society, Frank, I thought: I used to think it took either a tremendous amount of faith or a dazzling display of self-delusion to act truly moral. But alone now, my confidence wavered. She may have just changed the channel, as her husband dozed softly on the couch. I had so many questions. The woman had texted me a picture of herself, along with assertion that she likes to "break rules. A young writer's brief flirtation with adulthood Page Views Feb 07, 5: Sexting with a married woman: A few weeks after we'd stopped texting, I ran into the woman again at a social function and all my moralizing immediately lost its gusto. After all, I did not know her very well, and her acute interest in a year-old idiot such as myself should have immediately raised questions of her judgment, or whether or not I was about to be on some kind of reality show. Maybe so, but probably not. Here I was assuming myself to be some kind of meaningful main character, when in fact, I, more than anyone, know that I am about as interesting as a wet sandwich. But decline I did not — for I was already feeling a bit lonely myself that night, and was decidedly drunk. The after-party would be so dull but I'd like to think that I am not the type of person to go through with something so selfish as an affair. This woman, with her children, husband and life, contained layers I could never hope to understand. Writers are meant to transgress cultural norms — in their lives and in their work — to shake up the soul-crushing, homogenizing structures of the bourgeois drone-class, so sickeningly comfortable in their judgment and oppression, so pathetic in their subservience to outdated and sexist traditions! When I am older, the fact that I, at 23, did not go through with what this woman and I had planned will do nothing to keep my own wife close. Sure, I'm not going to win any morality awards for what would be the point? Maybe the strains of everyday life had her feeling used up; washed out; desperate for some diversion from a life of routine and constant attention to other people's needs — even if that diversion would find form in a prolix blogger. I looked at my phone. Or texted some dude.

Sexting a married woman

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