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Research validating sheltered instruction

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No one realized - in fact he often went without realizing - that his baseline anxiety approached panic on a regular basis. And my second question is, what about students who don't have the opportunity to participate in a bilingual program to develop their native-language reading skills? So, it's not just a matter of learning strategies— teaching strategies— but also learning the implications of the assessments, learning how to improve their practice continuously and to adapt it to the children, the population that they have. Shouldn't you be indifferent and focusing on dinosaurs? But when you stop and analyze the programs and the staff development process that went on, all of these factors contribute to saying, yes, children can be very successful learning to read in two languages. It's not just those two or three; but, rather, through these instructional approaches with a lot of hands-on examples, all children learn. She lives in Hartford, Connecticut, but was born in Puerto Rico. Let's go to New Jersey now, we have a question from there. As a parent, when you are talking to your infant, you are not just having a wonderful time and setting up a great emotional relationship. But he should come up.

Research validating sheltered instruction

And, in fact, around the third, fourth and fifth grades, instruction [alternates] one week in Spanish, one week in English, so that equal time is allocated to both languages. Extensive teacher preparation, a lot of staff development days; but also follow-up in the classroom. Werker can now find out if this 6-month-old can hear the difference between two English sounds. It was a way of recognizing the competencies the parents had and how they could contribute to the education of their children. Contrary to the stereotyoes of adults on the spectrum, my patient displayed no "meltdown" behavior, was keenly TOO keenly aware of people's reactions to him and exhibited no bizarre special interests or encyclopedic knowledge of vaccuum models. And we have looked at some studies through the panel, and also through some of our CRESPAR studies where children are learning to read in what we call programs, or paired programs, where they learn both languages. There should be a comprehensive reading program, but also we've learned a lot about second language learning, and sheltered language instruction, which I think Fred can talk about this a little more. He's so charming with others, yet so silent at home. I think one of them is that it's just some really basic phonics and not — not a comprehensive program. By that, I don't mean just the ability to read and write, but the ability to use oral language in ways that are like literacy. So, when the teacher can explicitly point out simple things like that, or that there are differences in the way we pronounce the "r" in English and in Spanish — those are the tiny subtleties that are also important for teachers to know, so that they can help ease the transition and help children capitalize on their primary language. Once that is taken care of, how do schools find the best strategies that teachers can implement in working with English language learners? At the same time, the other thing I think we have learned about second language learning is that language learning actually occurs most effectively when the students are not focusing on language learning. You're the resident Canadian expert. Well, there have been newcomer programs established for these children, and some have been very successful. I wanted to quit, but then I decided not to. At the same time, exposure to native language speakers is not enough. Texas, are you on the line? And then the other one is at the same time, there should always be this background of a more contextualized reading and writing. One of the things that the research studies find is that you need a certain amount of English proficiency to sort of bootstrap yourself to the point where you can take advantage of the instruction provided you. It's no longer just something that a teacher can do; but, rather, what is the whole district doing? She lives in Hartford, Connecticut, but was born in Puerto Rico. We also we have an audience of teachers, administrators, special education professionals and parents. So, where family literacy programs have worked is where they have a variety of things — not just one — and where the parents are proposing what can be done and how they, themselves, can collaborate with the schools. The situation becomes more complex when you ask, how long does it take for them to acquire the language skills they need to use in school? And so it's massive training all around. You may be providing them with essential information for them to become accomplished readers several years later.

Research validating sheltered instruction

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