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Radiometric dating continental drift

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However, all this evidence is ultimately based on radiometric dating, which creationists argue is unreliable. Let me provide another example to further show this is not just some cherry-picked data. Members Member 11 Joined: Think of it as this assignment on acid. Crustal material is also being consumed at the other end at deep ocean trenches where one plate rides over another and the lower one is consumed by the mantle. Holmes died in , I think, with the comfort that his forty year old idea had scientific merit. This proclomation was adamently rejected by the "grey beards" of the time as they were firm believers in the work of Lord Kelvin. This graph shows that the so-called historical sciences and observational sciences that Ken Ham touts can both reach the same conclusions. How does this fit a young earth model of the earth? Figure from AlReheji et al. Rates of plate motions based on GPS and laser methods vs radiometric dating methods for all of the plates of the world. Why would radiometric dating, which supposedly is a useless tool for estimating the true age of the earth by YEC reckoning, provide near-precise estimates of current plate motions, which are confirmed by a completely unrelated form of measurement? CD involves the creation of new oceanic crust at the mid-ocean ridges, which bisect the world's oceans.

Radiometric dating continental drift

Evidence of an Ancient Earth: Or is this end of world stuff just a ploy? Their proposition also fails to make any predictions which are testable or falsifiable, resulting in it being entirely useless in regards to science and mankind in general. Plates running into each other at a particular speed, measured in negative values, are moving toward each other at the same rates today. Holmes was the first person to use uranium-lead dating specifically for the purposes of dating a rock when he found the age of a Devonian rock to be Ma. Continental Drift The Age of the Earth: At one point the illness was so severe that a telegraph was sent to England falsely announcing his death. Once again, he was unable to pay the bills as a researcher at Imperial College and his life encountered another avalanche. And yet they do. It is also worth noting that Genesis utterly fails to mention the co-existence of man and dinosaurs. A response by a scientist with a Christian point of view to the young earth criticism of radiometric dating. At these "subduction zones" there is considerable volcanic activity and earthquakes, one manifestation of which is the Pacific "ring of fire". In fact most young earth models include some sort of accelerated plate motions in the past, with plate motions only slowing to their current rates in the past several thousand years. And why such a very recent date? Today, plate tectonics involving continental drift is the ruling perspective. Such vents, in the geological past, have been the sites of extensive mineral deposits such as those found at Broken Hill and Mt Isa. Plates are moving at different speeds with some moving away from each other and other running into each other. Expanding on this point, in the final analysis, money talks. Holmes continued the works of Wagener elaborating the continental drift but he laid the groundwork for radiometric dating. This is an incredible coincidence if radiometric dating methods are unreliable or if there has been accelerated decay of radionucleotides as some YECs have claimed. Yes the world isn't flat! But let's humour these confused souls. Nonetheless, what you can see is that the GPS and geological estimates overlap for all the sites included in this study, including the Dead Sea fault. He would return home to open a shop and sell eastern knick-knacks. The supporting nature of the diverse evidence listed previously, also provides proof of relatively constant slow rates of drift. Seven years later he was asked to be the head of the geology department at Durham University, he was originally the only member of the department at the time.

Radiometric dating continental drift

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