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Dating womens vintage hats

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But to attain high resale prices consistently, seller has to know what they are doing when they buy hats for resale. Although it may describe the approximate era of the hat to buyers who watch the show, it won't mean anything to others. Some vintage hats sell online for hundreds of dollars each, but that doesn't mean your hat is worth that much, even if it is made by the same milliner. Even if a hat is made of flexible straw or felt, bending the brim to fit it into a box for a trip that lasts several days means the hat arrives misshapen. To determine what era a hat is from takes some effort and research. A highly regarded seller has a reputation that collectors know they can bank upon, because they only sell merchandise of the highest quality. As an avid collector, I do a lot of shopping on eBay, Etsy and other internet marketplaces. Someone with no background in vintage hats may think a hat is "Edwardian" or "Victorian" or "roaring 20s" if it looks old -- i. Collectors use word searches to find the styles they collect. Also while you're inspecting and photographing the hat, take measurements. Terms used incorrectly are like spam - they clog up the search results with irrelevant entries we have to plow through to find what we're looking for. There are many unknowns: A lot of the cloches labeled "flapper" are from the s. Do your research before you state a shipping price - especially if you are offering free shipping. Unless it is a French hat, technically it isn't a chapeau.

Dating womens vintage hats

Most vintage hats will not have a label - that doesn't mean they aren't great hats. In fact, if a hat box has a logo on it, you can be sure the hat from that box would have a label too. If your pictures don't present the hat in its best light, or don't show enough detail about the hat to make out its shape, materials and its special features, then you won't attract enough customers to sell it for what it is worth. That will put doubts in collectors minds about your reliability that will cause many to not look any further at your listing. If only one person bids and they get your hat for less than what you think it is worth, you have to honor that sale. Novice sellers seem to think "fascinator" means a hat that is arty or fascinating. Don't puff and say it is "awesome" if it isn't. State the size of the hat in your listing. You may have to buy a box - or even two - and cut them down to fit a wide brim hat. Although there are methods for reblocking or reshaping hats, some hats never completely recover on their own, and the cost of having them reblocked is more than the hat is worth. Hat books published before didn't use the term, or defined it as a "scarf-like covering worn around the head and shoulders. If it has a brim it is not a pillbox. Write a truthful, accurate and thorough description. Since buyers can't inspect and try on the hat, we have to rely on your listing to provide accurate and thorough information about the condition, size, age, and any other information we need to make a decision. Someone with no background in vintage hats may think a hat is "Edwardian" or "Victorian" or "roaring 20s" if it looks old -- i. Unless it is a French hat, technically it isn't a chapeau. Note the inner circumference of the hat. But if you want to get what your hat is worth, do some research and tell collectors what they need to know to make them want to bid higher to buy your hat. You will need shipping supplies - plastic pillows or bubble wrap, tissue paper, packaging tape, etc. Straw, felt and velvet have memory. Felt, leather or straw hats that fit down around the head are not "one size fits all. Some styles of hats are "adjustable" some even have tags saying that or sit perched on the head, or are stretchy with elastic in the band. Also while you're inspecting and photographing the hat, take measurements. A novice seller may luck out and sell a really great hat on-line for big bucks. You can save money on shipping supplies by using free USPS priority mail boxes, re-using boxes you already have or by using plastic dry cleaner bags or newspaper as stuffing just be sure to protect the hat from newspaper ink by wrapping it in newspaper or a clean plastic.

Dating womens vintage hats

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