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Dating westclox big ben

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Hey Doc, I've tried your instructions for adjusting the speed, but no matter what I do, my clock runs 2 minutes fast or slow. Pay particular attention to the shapes of the cases since various case colors were available in styles 2 through 10, and the dial on your clock might be different. The real trick with replating, however, lies in the surface preparation. One of the worst enemies of clock movements is WD We have the equipment and processes to safely and properly repair the luminous hands. The other problem is that many vintage clocks used a radium-based luminous paint, which must be disposed of carefully. You can get more info and even subscribe on line at www. There are exceptions, but you can wear yourself out trying to improve their timekeeping. It all depends on what you are looking for. Most often the mainspring will break near the inside of its coil. The way I date these clocks is simple.

Dating westclox big ben

We have seen hands that were removed by untrained personnel with pliers or screwdrivers. Even clocks that are meticulously oiled on a regular interval cannot escape an eventual cleaning. It is advisable to avoid scraping it off the hands and touching it. Also, over time, oils tend to thicken. The phosphorescent material dies off, but the radium remains alive and well for a long time. What can be done? Can I buy something to do this myself? The same rules apply with this type of adjustment. These reproductions may be identified by being battery operated and made in China. Typically, on the back of an alarm clock, you will see a crescent shaped opening. You will find him to be pragmatic and very much an authority on clock movement repair as well as clockmaking. How often should I have my alarm clock collection oiled? There are exceptions, but you can wear yourself out trying to improve their timekeeping. The Baby Ben was first sold in and has evolved in a similar way. At this point, the spring is tight and capable of delivering the most power to the clock. This is done with a variety of tools, punches, and dies, much like doing autobody work in the miniature. When a clock winds but the spring does not become significantly tighter, the cause is usually a broken mainspring. Also remember that proper oiling of a movement often involves more than one type of clock oil or grease. Here is a short list: It is similar with luminous paint. The equipment and chemicals that are needed to accomplish this are out of the reach of most clock restorers. What does it mean when a clock is overwound? Doc, I see that you list a manufacture date on most of the clocks you sell. To properly restore an antique clock case, the old plating must be removed. Specifically, if a clock is wound fully, eventually the winding key will no longer turn. Often movements are listed complete with parts lists and pictorials.

Dating westclox big ben

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