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Dating royal doulton backstamps

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It could thus have been applied at any time between the first, biscuit, firing of the ware and the final step of application of the glaze. To find the year of production, you would need to add to the number that appears next to the backstamp. Due to the shift in quality of the Royal Doulton company, older pieces can often be worth a small fortune. It should be noted to all buyers and collectors that the registration number does not give the date of manufacture for a specific piece but only when the design was first protected. The mark continued in use until This sometimes is undesirable, but not always as it is a factory speck. Later backstamps from have definite logos and wording which can be found below. The coding was very simple and it is the only way of being sure of a figure's exact year of manufacture. The year the jug was registered can be worked out from the table numbers published with the patent office. Sung and Chang Wares, etc.

Dating royal doulton backstamps

Pearson had a controlling interest in Allied English Potteries and combined the two tableware groups under the Royal Doulton Tableware name. The series was drawn by Charles Dana Gibson. Among the subjects of these sculptures were dragons, wizards, frogs, bears, and pigs. Most probably the mark was applied at the time of decoration when each piece would have been handled individually to apply the painted or transfer printed pattern. Dickensware pieces by Royal Doulton were produced, based on the writings of Charles Dickens, from to the early s. Roman Numerals were used until and Arabic numerals thereafter. Although a counterfeit is rare, it's best to have an expert determine this. On larger pieces B. Corning Incorporated; Dansk, Inc. Beginning in , a HN number was used on all wares. Royal Doulton figurines can often be dated by adding 27 to the very small number found just right of the Doulton backstamp. From to , a small number was placed to the right of the crown's mark on all items made between those years. Towards the end of this period the impressed words were bordered by an oval shape which slowly turned into the rounded shape in the backstamps to follow. Used on more expensive earthen wares and bone china. The Robin Hood series by Royal Doulton was introduced in based on the famous tale of the hero and his merry men. Nutbeen then became head of Royal Doulton's North American operations at the beginning of Many dated examples between and exist, and occasional examples dated between and have also been noted although B. The value of a figurine is determined by how perfect or imperfect it is. Within ten years he had enlarged the factory three times, built a china works, taken on the largest and most gifted group of artists in the Potteries, and developed for Doulton a reputation for craftsmanship and artistry still identified with Royal Doulton today. Continued inventory overstocking, production overcapacity, and high debt levels combined with the economic turmoil in Asia to further batter Royal Doulton in Their speciality at this time was salt glazed stoneware. The Lambeth factory finally closed its doors in , due largely to new clean air regulations that prevented the production of saltglaze in the urban environment. These, by themselves, are not of much help for the purpose of dating but fortunately they are usually in addition to the standard trade-mark in use at the time, e. This logo consisted of the lion, crown and roundel. Henry took full control of the company upon the death of his father, John, in This mark was not widely used. Pearson combined its Booth pottery with that of Colclough's, forming a new entity called Booth and Colclough.

Dating royal doulton backstamps

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