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Dating old kerr jars

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Tang dynasty tomb figures Sancai means three-colours, green, yellow and a creamy white, all in lead-based glazes. However, there are a few ways to make an educated guess at the date of an antique jar or bottle. The modern two-piece metal cap and ring with a new jar is the best system for home canning. If you have any better jars to sell then you might try putting out a sales list or put them up on an on-line auction like eBay. We sold a few at a yard sale once, advertising the jars in the newspaper, and the several people came out, even a guy from the power company with his rig. Greenwares or celadon wares[ edit ] The major group of celadon wares is named for its glaze, which uses iron oxide to give a broad spectrum of colours centred on a jade or olive green, but covering browns, cream and light blues. Export markets readily accepted the style, which has continued to be produced ever since, both in China and around the world. This is a similar range to that of jade , always the most prestigious material in Chinese art, and the broad resemblance accounts for much of the attractiveness of celadon to the Chinese. Most are in quart size, a few are pint size, and a few are half gallon size. Drey jars pronounced dry were made from about through the s by the Schram Glass Mfg. However, as a go-with, these jars are somewhat popular with some fruit jar collectors.

Dating old kerr jars

Square jars were considered a design improvement because a homemaker could stack more jars together in less space thus allowing a family to put up more food in their small cellars or cupboards. Woolgar graduated from the Langara College Journalism Diploma program in They also look a little more primitive than jars manufactured later. This would mean the jar is modern. Sui and Tang dynasties, — AD[ edit ] A sancai glazed offering tray, late 7th or early 8th century, Tang dynasty — During the Sui and Tang dynasties to AD , a wide range of ceramics, low-fired and high-fired, were produced. The vases are made of clay. A wide variety of styles evolved in various areas, and those that were successful were imitated in other areas. Price is usually determined by size, style and especially color. When manufacturers produce glass, chemicals clarifying agents must be added to clarify the batch in order to turn it from its original color of aqua-blue or green to clear. That way the plant manager could check quality control, production, etc. Warning Only use a Kerr jar lid once before disposing. In , Mason sold five of his early patents, including the mason jar, to Lewis R. These were generally made at the end of a run and contain sediments and chemicals that color the glass. Another jar pioneer worth mentioning is Adam R. The jar itself was produced for a grocery store concern called Oakley. Check your Red Book or consult an experienced collector. Some old Ball jars are very valuable while others are very common. I've gotten good jars this way. Knowing this fact and the history above, collectors have another way to date their glass collectibles. His work has appeared in Canadian national publications such as the "Globe and Mail" and the "Vancouver Sun. Wax sealer jars as well as old canning crocks could be appropriate Civil War period examples of canning jars. Later, another major jar manufacturer and Consolidated's bitter rival the Hero Fruit Jar company Hero being in reference to the civil war. Visit the website http: Manufacturers used Mason's patent on crockery canning jars as well as the famous Weir patent of utilizing a cast iron clamp pivoting on a wire bale. Like the Red Book. In the south the wares from the Changsha Tongguan Kiln Site in Tongguan are significant as the first regular use of underglaze painting; examples have been found in many places in the Islamic world.

Dating old kerr jars

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