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Dating game episodes 1972

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What's odd about this is that Bob wasn't involved with that version until James' contract expired in , and certainly doesn't explain why GSN avoided the admittedly very, very few non-fur episodes as well. Certain kinds of questions such as name, age, occupation, and income cannot be asked. Celebrities Many celebrities appeared on the Dating Game over the years; here are a few of them: Password Plus was hit with this in two unusual ways: There's the possibility that they may have been left out due to rights clearance issues with some of the copyrighted material. Among other things, although clips exist of William Shatner playing the Winner's Circle round solo June 27, and Billy Crystal leading his partner to the top in 26 seconds December 1, , and a Pyramid record that stands to this day , most of the episodes in question are lost. Incidentally, Schwarzenegger was in a relationship with English teacher Barbara Outland Baker at the time he appeared on this show. While the original episode was taped on August 28, , the replacement show wasn't taped until after N the season finale on May 4, See if you can guess the right charmer every time. Can you guess who these celebrities chose on actual episodes of The Dating Game? Of this run, 95 episodes are completely lost, and two only exist in the form of clips used in compilations. The oldest televised game show episode known to exist is from 's Party Line, hosted by Bert Parks, while the oldest game show footage known to exist is a episode of Information Please that was filmed by RKO for theaters a practice that lasted from about

Dating game episodes 1972

Host Garry Moore introduced the subject as normal before explaining the situation to the home audience, saying that while it was briefly considered to have the panel try to recreate their questions it was ultimately decided to just apologize and have an extended interview with the contestant. His team made it to obstacle six, but the kid's father a lawyer threatened to sue unless they gave him the prize for obstacle seven. Concentration is quite MIA, too. Since you can't compete on the show twice barring tournaments, or contestants who are invited back by the producers due to some event that significantly affected the outcome , he had his winnings withheld, and his episode was taken out of the rerun rotation. The vast majority of NBC's daytime run of The Hollywood Squares has been wiped including the short-lived spinoff The Storybook Squares , and both the nighttime run and syndicated version were thought lost until somewhere between and 3, episodes were discovered some years ago while trying to find tapes of Dark Shadows ; see the Live-Action TV page for more on that. Snap Judgment is a rare example from Goodson-Todman, because no video footage is known to exist. Because Season 8 ran for sixteen episodes instead of the normal fourteen, its DVD does not include its mid-season recap episode, whereas all other recap episodes are included on their DVDs. Several episodes of the UK classic The Golden Shot from Bob Monkhouse's tenure only survive because he, being a compulsive collector, recorded copies at home production company ATV was notorious for wiping and reusing videotapes to save money. Similarly, the show's original versions on ABC nighttime and daytime are believed to have been destroyed, possibly due to the show's embarrassing track record with completing houses. Perhaps the most famous clip to British viewers, the " Penguins on the iceberg " game from the heat in Aix-les-Bains during which commentator Stuart Hall cannot speak for laughing, is one of the few clips of that episode for which Hall's commentary survives. The week of February 6, was originally going to have a theme of Wheel Goes Country. Disco Dynamos, resurfaced in After the choices were made, the contestant was then prompted to choose between their choice for best looking or best personality. The bachelorette would make her choice based solely on the answers to her questions. The comparative lack of circulating game show episodes may also be due to the format's perceived inherent lack of rerun potential, due to the genre not really being episodic or having any plot to speak of. Similar to the '81 Password Plus example, one episode of the syndicated To Tell the Truth had a round lost forever when it was discovered that the tape had malfunctioned. Password Plus was hit with this in two unusual ways: It has since aired on GSN. The latter is a mostly-regular episode that likely survived due to a certain blooper known to have been referenced since at least mid Many of the game shows that aired alongside Concentration and Jeopardy! University Challenge is the longest-running quiz show on British television, but of the hundreds of episodes from its original run on ITV from with Bamber Gascoigne as chairman, only a handful are known to survive. The Sajak-hosted nighttime version present is intact, but certain years are quite hard to find - most notably the , , and seasons, though episodes don't seem to be easy to find either. His answers to the questions knowing his past make this appearance even more disturbing. However, in the wake of Stuart Hall's conviction and imprisonment for sexual offences against underage girls, the odds of the surviving episodes being re-run or released on DVD are next to nil. The lost episodes include the Stuart Hall-hosted pilot, all but seven of David Vine's episodes in the chair from , and 21 episodes from David Coleman's stint as host the most recent dating from 1 March

Dating game episodes 1972

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