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Dangers of dating a pathological liar

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I guess she was through with me, so this was her way of disposing of me. It is still hard to deal with what happened, but time heals everything. You found porn on their laptop? Most people tell the odd white lie. The only way you will ever find out is if you find out for yourself they will not ever tell you unless you have proof, letters etc. They will lie as easily as their heart beats. I was basically the star student in my earlier grades 1st through 3rd and mt parents never really let me forget it. My fiance is one as well. From a victim of a compulsive liar Anyone who has been shocked or devastated by the actions of a adept liar knows the shame that follows. I for one have no idea who he is. These strategies may not work for everyone, but hopefully they give people some options and ideas about how to cope with a compulsive liar. When confronted on not meeting deadlines or returning calls, because people were coming to me to complain, it was the same excuses--she blamed technology and the world around her.

Dangers of dating a pathological liar

Everyone, including my parents, know that she lies and they still believe everything she says. The only way you will ever find out is if you find out for yourself they will not ever tell you unless you have proof, letters etc. We both clocked on to it because we were both doing the exact same thing, we had the same techniques, so one night I confronted her, telling her I understand exactly why she is the way she is, because I am myself. She said she would deliver a proposal by Friday, she would miss it and not feel compelled to let anyone know. Dr Bell said if your partner is a pathological liar then there is also the possibility that they are suffering from a mental disorder such as antisocial or personality disorder, where lying is a common characteristic. DO NOT think that the lies will stop. I do not even have a desire to be with him in a physical way now. It makes me wonder if she keeps lying because I am the only one that has ever confronted her and she could care less about what I have to say. This past year has been one of great stress and I will never stay with someone who lies to me because one lie seems to lead to another lie. I am deeply saddened by this. That saddest part is that if he would just be honest and deal with his insecurities in a healthy way, our relationship would be completely different and better. Most people tell the odd white lie. I asked if she was kidding—she said she was not. I do not understand why people enable liars. I feel like an idiot for believing him, and trusting him. I am actually at a point where I want to try to understand why he does this and I want to try to fix this. When I call him on a lie, he may try to deny it at first or shade things a little or offer a perfectly understandable explanation. They act like they are innocent, even after they have been caught red handed. Let them be together instead of infecting and ruining good, kind and loving people. Simple things, like teaching kids on weekends, and her financial situation. He will lie about paying bills, how much money he makes, where he is, what he is doing, his parents, his heritage, his life in general. She was probably at home watching tv, having a regular day. This is when you realise that you have been dating a compulsive pathological liar. Compulsive liars shake off the chaos, confusion, damage they inflict on others much like the snake who sheds his skin. Whether you believe it or not, you DO deserve someone who will be honest with you. They will lie about how much they have drank.

Dangers of dating a pathological liar

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